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Sanlam Indie 1.3 - making it easier to understand your Sanlam Indie Plan

In our biggest release ever (to be fair it’s only our third) we’ve added some super useful tools to the way we present the Sanlam Indie Plan.

About the Sanlam Indie Plan

First let’s talk about the Sanlam Indie Plan. What separates Sanlam Indie from most online insurance offerings is that we help you understand your needs and give you a quote to meet those insurance needs. We’re calling it the Sanlam Indie Plan going forward, because it’s more than just a quote.

New - Resume quote

Then: after starting a quote, if life (or an internet cat video) happened, you’d have to start the quote process all over again. Now: you can watch all the cat videos your heart desires — and when you return to Sanlam Indie, you’ll continue from where you left off.

New - Save your quotes

Insurance is hardly the kind of purchase anyone should make on a whim. But until now, you kind of had to with Sanlam Indie, or your quote would be lost. Now you can save your quote by simply giving us your email address. We use that address to email a secure link to you. You can use that link to access your saved quote from any device — and because it’s a “live quote” (not a PDF), it stays up to date.

New - set a budget

Previously, we spent a great deal of time building fancy tech to help you figure out what cover you need. But we heard from a few of you that what you need is not necessarily always what you can afford — and when it comes to affordability, until now, you were kind of left on your own to figure out what to cut from your Sanlam Indie Plan and where.

Our new Budget Tool looks simple — just plug in what you can afford. But it’s what happens behind the scenes that’s way more interesting: we don’t just take a little off the top — we re-crunch™️ the numbers to create an Sanlam Indie Plan for you that makes the right compromises in the right places (based on your info) to give you the best cover you can afford.

Updated - policy overview

We’ve made our Sanlam Indie Plan easier to understand, with a new overview screen that outlines the products we’ve added to your plan, what they cost, how much they pay out and how often they pay. We’ve also included the traditional industry standard product names like “Funeral Cover” so those of you with existing cover can compare apples with apples, and see for yourself that Sanlam Indie’s are crunchier and less floury (I may have stretched that metaphor further than was necessary).

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