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Sanlam Indie 1.4 - get rewarded for bringing your friends to Sanlam Indie

One thing we’ve learned since launching is that our customers want to tell people about Sanlam Indie, and now we are rewarding you for it.

New: Get up to R1000 in your Wealth Bonus for every friend who joins Sanlam Indie.

One thing we’ve learned since launching is that our customers want to tell people about Sanlam Indie. To be perfectly honest, referrals weren’t really on our radar until a few people asked for it after getting their friends to join. You asked, we listened — so here goes! Introducing Referrals!

Now, when you join Sanlam Indie, you’ll get a unique referral link that you can share with the world. If someone joins Sanlam Indie using your link, boom, you get R500-R1000 added to your Wealth Bonus, instantly.
Your Wealth Bonus grows every time a friend joins Sanlam Indie using your referral link. It adds up quickly.

Once your referral has paid a few premiums, that money becomes available in your next CashDrop

Put it this way: bring 20 friends to Sanlam Indie and you’ll get up to R20,000

To get started, you’ll need to sign up with Sanlam Indie and get insurance that literally invests in you when you insure yourself. Go on, find out what insurance you need and get a quote — it takes just a few minutes.

New: Pay with your debit & credit card.

Debit orders can be a real pain in the posterior. We pay for everything with our cards these days, and now you can pay for your insurance securely with your credit or debit card too.

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Only Sanlam Indie gives you an investment that creates wealth while you insure yourself.

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