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What’s the deal with Sanlam Indie Funeral Cover?

We’ve been pretty critical of Funeral Cover in the past. So we made it better.

Many South Africans value funeral cover above all other forms of cover or financial planning. It’s better understood than life cover, and in some cases, it’s culturally seen to be more important than a retirement savings plan.  

Combine all that with the simplicity of getting a funeral plan (no complicated questions and minimal paperwork), and you end up with a system in which many existing funeral plans take advantage of an already vulnerable group of people by offering them poor products.

But that’s where Sanlam Indie is different.

We believe that everyone, not only the rich, deserve access to the best financial products. And though funeral cover is highly valued, it doesn’t mean that people don’t want to be creating wealth in other ways as well.

Sanlam Indie Personal and Family Funeral provide opportunities to plan for a dignified funeral for you and your loved ones, AND put a little something away for future you. No need to choose one or the other.

We’re transforming the category, and building a safety net into an important product that will help our customers build meaningful wealth.

Let’s break it down.

Every Sanlam Indie policy already comes with a built-in Wealth Bonus, and Funeral is no different. We match up to 100% of your monthly premium into a growing reward, at no extra cost. And, since you can add up to 20 extra lives to one policy, you get an additional Wealth Bonus for each new person added.

We’ll even double your cover, at no extra cost, if you stick with us for 3 years. But more on that here.

Get life insurance.
Get a Wealth Bonus.
Get living.

Get world-class cover that rewards you with wealth while you're alive.

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