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Do I need funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance is for old people, right? Wrong. 

Not to bum you out, but the fact is, everyone needs funeral insurance because anyone could snuff it at any point. And when that happens (and we hope it’ll be when you’re 101 and in a peaceful sleep) someone’s going to have to pay for that epic party your friends are going to throw in your honour. 🎉

Other than the actual funeral (which is surprisingly expensive, even if it’s a modest one), there are also a bunch of things that have to be paid when someone dies. Things like the cost of tying up your estate and paying the executor. Bet you’d never even heard of this stuff? 😱 Chill, most living people haven’t.

If you don’t have funeral cover, someone close to you is going to have to pay, which could put them under a lot of financial pressure. So, if you don’t want to be a financial burden to your loved ones 🤢, then getting yourself covered for that is a very smart, and very nice thing to do.

Now that you know why you should get funeral insurance, isn’t it time you signed up?

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