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How do I choose my premium or payout?

The quickest way to find out how much your Sanlam Indie premiums might be is to complete our online quote process. We’ll ask you a few questions, and then you can either start from scratch and choose which products (and payout amounts) you want, or choose to generate an editable sample plan.

As long as you’ve answered our underwriting questions honestly, you can feel free to edit the payout or cover amount for each product before you accept the quote. If you’ve budgeted a certain amount and the sample quote seems too expensive, you can reduce the cover for specific products or remove them altogether. You can keep tweaking the quote until you are happy with the products, the cover amounts and the overall premium. (Remember, the higher the premium, the higher the corresponding Wealth Bonus match and total investment 👌.)

To edit a product or remove it altogether, click the Edit button.

You can use the stepper (the ﹣+ buttons) to reduce or increase your cover. Your premium will automatically adjust. Click Update to save your changes.

The updated premium will reflect on your quote.

If you prefer, you can remove a product outright by clicking Remove from plan.

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