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How do I get insured with Sanlam Indie?

Getting insured with Sanlam Indie is as easy as pie! 🍰First, you'll need to tell us a little bit about yourself. Just the stuff that'll help us to understand your needs and tailor a unique package just for you, and the right price.

Too often, when insurers try to remove all the questions, they increase the price for EVERYONE 🙉. We prefer to give you the lowest price possible, and we can only do that by knowing you better. We'll use your answers to calculate your Wealth Bonus and recommend the products we think you should get.

At the moment we're offering these:

Sanlam Indie Life Cover + Quick Payout — If you die, we give you a proper send-off and help your family keep living their best life.

Sanlam Indie Funeral Cover — Funeral Cover that doubles after 2 years at no extra cost (for you and your family).

Sanlam Indie Income Protection — If you can’t earn a salary, we pay you one.

Sanlam Indie Life Insurance Cover — If you die, we help settle your debts.

Sanlam Indie Death Income Protection — If you die, we give your best peeps a monthly income.

Sanlam Indie Disability Cover — If you become disabled, we help you start over.

Sanlam Indie Critical Illness Cover — If you get cancer, we help you conquer it.

It surprises us that so many insurers simply assume that people know how much life insurance they should buy 🎲. We don't want to make that assumption, but rather help you to understand your specific circumstances better so that you know that you're buying the right amount and types of insurance for you as an individual. Next up, we'll do something called “underwriting”. 

What this means is that we want to learn a little about your health, since this can have an influence on your price too. And, believe it or not, underwriting well is good for our clients.

Do I have to answer all the questions?

Yip, ‘fraid so, but with our help, this should be quick and painless.

Is there a lot of paperwork to complete?

Nope, everything can be done from your phone or computer. No paper. No printing. Super easy.

Now that you know how to get insured with Sanlam Indie, are you ready to discover just how easy and rewarding insurance can be?

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