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How does Sanlam Indie treat claims?

Believe it or not, we’re in the business of paying claims 🤑. So we really, really want to pay each and every valid claim we get.

But, the entire system only works if our clients are honest with us and we are honest with them. So this means that we may check if what you told us when you bought cover from us is actually true.

For example, if someone tells us they don't fly recreational planes ✈️, and one month later they are in an accident while recreationally flying 💥, and we can prove they had their licence and were actively flying when they told us they weren't, then we would have grounds NOT to pay that claim (se-ri-ous). 

If we didn't do the checking, then what would happen is that we would start to be abused by dishonest people and in some cases, criminal syndicates could even come after us 😳. This would mean that EVERYONE would land up paying more for their insurance, and we don't want the honest people to be punished. So, bottom line, be honest when you buy cover from us, and you can rest easy.

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