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How many premiums can I skip?

Sanlam Indie lets you skip some premiums without cancelling your policy, which is awesome for when times are tough and it’s an instant-noodle kind of a month. 

In your first year with us, we’ll let you skip up to 6 premiums. And what’s even cooler is, after the first 3 years for every extra year you’re with Sanlam Indie, we’ll reward your loyalty with another 2 possible premium skips, which will look something like this…

0-3 years with Sanlam Indie = 6 skips

3-4 years with Sanlam Indie = 8 skips

4-5 years with Sanlam Indie = 10 skips

…you get the drift.

There is a downside though. The amount of cover you have depends on how many premiums you’ve paid in the last 6 months. So, if you’ve skipped the last 5 premiums, you’ll only have 1/6th of your normal cover available if you need to claim. 

Also, if you use up all your skippable premiums, you’ll lose your cover, which is bad (much, much worse than those noodles), because, if something should happen to you, you’ll have no cover and you’ll also lose all that sweet Wealth Bonus. 

So, if the debt collectors know you by names, don’t stress about your Sanlam Indie cover; get back on track with your finances.

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