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What are the rules for skipping premiums?

We let you skip premiums when times are tough, BUT we do limit the amount of skips you can have.

Rules for skipping premiums

Some examples

🧔🏻Kyle is in his first year at Sanlam Indie. He skips 5 premiums in a row, pays one premium, and then skips a 6th. He fails to make up the payment within 30 days, so his policy lapses.

👩🏾Over the course of her first 3 years with Sanlam Indie, Thandi skips 2 premiums, then pays a few, then skips 2, then pays a few, then skips 2 again. She has now skipped 6 premiums total and cannot skip more. In her 4th year, she earns an additional 2 premium skips, but skips 3 premiums. Her policy lapses.

👨🏽Rumi doesn't skip any premiums for 5 years so has earned a total of 16 possible premium skips. He doesn't pay his premium for 6 months in a row and so his policy lapses.

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