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What is a CashDrop?

A CashDrop is when we give you 10% of your Wealth Bonus. To reach a CashDrop milestone, you've got to pay 60 premiums. If you pay every premium over 5 years (that's 60 premium payments), you'll automatically reach a milestone 👑. And that's when we'll unlock 10% of your Wealth Bonus 🔑. 

You get to choose if you want to withdraw it as cash or just leave it unlocked and invested inside your Wealth Bonus. It's up to you. ⚖️

If you leave your unlocked Wealth Bonus inside Sanlam Indie, then there is no effect. The whole Wealth Bonus - both the unlocked and locked portions - will be invested, and will continue enjoying the potential growth of these investments.

If you withdraw your CashDrop 💵, your Wealth Bonus gets smaller by the amount you withdrew.

So, before you 'make it rain', you should seriously consider leaving your unlocked Wealth Bonus with Sanlam Indie where it can be invested and carry on growing, and growing, and growing... 🎉

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