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What is insurance?

Basically, insurance is there to pay someone when something happens.That “something” can be a car crash 🙈, or a stolen bicycle 🙉, or a person becoming disabled 🙊.

In the insurance industry, there are two types of insurers: General Insurers and Life Insurers.

General Insurers

General Insurers, sometimes called Property and Casualty Insurers, are the guys you will buy insurance from to insure your STUFF;  your cars, houses, bicycles, etc. We don’t yet provide this sort of insurance (bummer), but we'll be growing and tackling the 'Stuff' insurance before you know it too. Watch this space.

Life Insurers

Life Insurers are the guys you will buy insurance from to insure YOURSELF; against, death, disability, serious illness, etc. This is the type of insurance Sanlam Indie currently sells 💅🏽.

Types of Life Insurance

There are different types of life insurance to protect you and the people you care about 😻 against different things. There are 3 main things that influence your life that people usually want to cover: Losing your life (croak 🐸), being unable to work (although a vacation sounds nice 🏝, this isn’t the kind of holiday you want), and suffering from a serious disease 🚑 (you're too fabulous for a hospital gown).

Now that you understand a bit more about insurance, are you ready to discover just how easy and rewarding insurance with Sanlam Indie can be?

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