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What is Wealth Bonus?

Wealth Bonus is cash-money that gets invested for you, so it will grow with the market. Every 60 premiums you pay, you'll get a part of your Wealth Bonus unlocked (a CashDrop) and you can choose to withdraw it or leave it invested to continue growing. When you turn 70, the full Wealth Bonus gets paid to you. Basically, we invest in you because you're investing in you too (not the band 😎). 

Wealth Bonus is our way of rewarding you for doing smart 'money things' 🥂.  In the case of insurance, the right thing - naturally, is having insurance in the first place.  And when we created Wealth Bonus, we wanted the reward to not only be simple and understandable but also meaningful

So, when you become a Sanlam Indie client, we invest in your own personal Wealth Bonus. The amount will depend on a variety of things, but once we've worked out what you're getting, what you see is what you get! 💰

Your Wealth Bonus is invested in a Money Market fund, and you then have the choice to invest in other investment asset types which we'll make available to you. The point of the investment, however, stays the same, your Wealth Bonus should grow 📈 - and that growth over time will be yours.

Wealth Bonus... A reward by any other name would just be lame. 

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