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What types of insurance can Sanlam Indie offer me?

Here are the products we currently offer:

Sanlam Indie Income Protection — If you can’t earn a salary, we pay you one.

Sanlam Indie Life Insurance Cover — If you die, we help settle your debts

Sanlam Indie Death Income Protection — If you die, we give your best peeps a monthly income.

Sanlam Indie Disability Cover — If you get disabled, we help you start over.

Sanlam Indie Life Cover + Quick Payout — If you die, we give your best peeps a payout… and then some.

Sanlam Indie Critical Illness Cover — If you get cancer, we give you funds to fight back.

Sanlam Indie Funeral Cover — Lump sum cover (for you and your family) that doubles after 2 years at no extra cost.

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