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What waiting periods count if I move from another insurer?

If you cancel an underwritten insurance policy to move to Sanlam Indie, any waiting periods you served on the old policy won’t count toward your new Sanlam Indie policy. This is because different insurers will have their own unique terms and conditions, which might include different waiting periods for different conditions.

For funeral insurance, it’s different. If you cancel your old funeral policy and move to Sanlam Indie within 31 days, the waiting period that you’ve already served with your old insurer will count toward your policy with us. But we’ll only take into account the waiting period for the lives and cover amounts of your old policy. Any extra cover, or any new lives added to your Indie policy, will start a new waiting period.

Will I get refunded if I switch insurers?

By law, you can cancel an insurance policy for a full refund within 31 days of taking out the policy. You won’t be refunded if you cancel your policy after that cooling-off period has expired.

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