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Why do I need insurance?

Insurance protects you when things don’t go the way you planned.  If you're one of those cycling types, then we could ask "Why do you need a helmet?". "Does a helmet make you cycle any better?" "Does it make the trip more fun?" Probably not, but it protects you in case the ride doesn't turn out to be so groovy 🤕! Insurance is kind of like that. None of us ever really want to make a claim on our insurance because we're disabled or dead ☠️! And having insurance doesn't make you live a better life or enjoy your life more 🕺 but it is there to protect you if life doesn't turn out as planned!   And if you have any loved ones who rely on you as a breadwinner 🍞, then life insurance is also there to protect them 👫, in case something happens to you.

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