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How we double your Funeral Cover after 2 years. For free.


Yup, what you heard is true. If you have a Sanlam Indie Funeral plan, we’ll double your cover after 2 years, and your premium won’t increase at all.

Why we're boosting your Wealth Bonus on Black Friday


We automatically match up to 100% of your premium and invest it for you. And if you join between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll boost your Wealth Bonus by up to R5000.

Create Wealth and Give Hope with Sanlam Indie and The Sunflower Fund


We want you to be a little selfish for the greater good.

Funeral cover: the gift that keeps on taking


Funeral cover is immensely popular in South Africa. Even so, it typically gives the people it was designed for a raw deal. So we've tried to make it better.

When you choose Funeral Cover, are you selling your family short?


Funeral cover need is real, but there is something better?

How we offer life insurance + a Wealth Bonus at no extra cost


Before you say it's fake... read this.

New Sanlam Indie Website


You may have noticed our website looks different. You may have noticed it’s better. Maybe you hadn’t. In any case, we figured it was as good a time as any to tell you a little more about what’s new & awesome and more importantly – what’s coming.

We all have Stockholm Syndrome


The insurance industry has treated all of us so badly, for so long, that we have come to accept this abuse as normal. And when it’s absent, we get suspicious.

Indie 1.7: Introducing Sanlam Indie Ambassadors and Wealth Bonus 2.0

Version Release

Now anyone can sell Sanlam Indie and get paid, and everyone who buys Sanlam Indie can get up to 100% of their premium matched in an investment every month