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Wealth Bonus

Insure your life and Sanlam Indie will invest in you.

We match up to 100% of your life insurance premium into a Wealth Bonus that tracks the market like an investment. Every premium you pay helps create wealth for your future.

About Wealth Bonus


Simpler, smarter, more rewarding cover.

We think life insurance should be more about living. So we’ve designed our products to protect and create wealth while you're still alive.


Built from the ground up for the mobile generation

Sanlam Indie is a digital-first insurer, using technology to make Life Insurance simpler, smarter and more rewarding.

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Do everything online and in no time.

Get quoted and covered in under 10 minutes online. No paperwork or waiting.

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Better technology gives you better value.

We've eliminated old analogue processes with state-of-the-art tech that works better and costs less, giving you the sweetest deal.

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Don't just get insured, create wealth

Every Sanlam Indie policy has a built-in Wealth Bonus, and we contribute to it every time you pay your life insurance premium.

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Your covered instantly with Sanlam Indie

Buy your insurance online and get instant cover, before you've even paid for it.

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Better insurance, at the best possible price

We use state-of-the-art technology to give you a more accurate premium, with lower premiums if you're lower risk.

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Skip Premiums. For when life happens.

Sanlam Indie lets you proactively skip premiums without losing cover or reducing your Wealth Bonus.


Friendly and helpful support when you need it.

Insurance is a tricky subject, but with Sanlam Indie, help is always at hand. Check out our Help Centre, get qualified assistance through live chat, or email us.

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Get life insurance.
Get a Wealth Bonus.
Get living.

Get world-class cover that rewards you with wealth while you're alive.

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