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We've built our Life Insurance products from the ground up to both protect you and reward you.

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Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover

Funeral Cover that doubles after 2 years at no extra cost.

Life Cover + Quick Payout

Life Cover + Quick Payout

If you die, we give you a proper send-off and help your family keep living their best life.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover

If you get cancer or another serious condition, we help you conquer it with a tax-free payout.

Income Protection

Income Protection

If you become disabled and can't work, we pay you an income until you're 70 or you've recovered.

Disability Cover

Disability Cover

If you become disabled, we help you start over with a single lump-sum payout.

Death Income Protection

Death Income Protection

If you die, we pay your dependants an income.


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We think life insurance should be more about living. So we’ve reinvented it to help you get on with life.


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