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Sanlam Indie 1.5 & 1.6 - friendlier pricing

We've made it easier to find the right products, at the right price — all online in just a few minutes.

Don’t Need a Plan? Now You Can Just Buy a Product.

In Sanlam Indie 1.0 we created the Sanlam Indie Plan — a tool that helps you understand what insurance you need, why you need it and how much you should have. But many of you already have a plan of your own, or an idea of what insurance products you want. Now, in 1.6 we’ve made it possible to select the products you want and purchase just those online — in just minutes.

The Best Products for Your Budget.

Many of us have a tight budget and insurance is only one of the things that needs to squeeze in there. Now Sanlam Indie lets you set a budget right up front, before doing a needs assessment. That way you’ll only see products that you need /and/ that you can afford.

Lighter & Brighter

We’ve updated the design throughout the process of getting a quote. It’s a small update while we work through our first major design overhaul which we’re hoping to launch next year with some new features for existing clients.

Wait, what happened to 1.5?

Sanlam Indie 1.5 was largely an under-the-hood release with several major changes made to the application design to allow for people to buy single products.

Signing off for 2017

We’ll be closing our office for thee last 1.5 weeks in December. In the last 8 months our team have taken Sanlam Indie from a somewhat buggy beta version to the app it is today — six major releases in almost as many months.

At the end of the day the only thing that truly matters is that when you get your Sanlam Indie Plan or your Sanlam Indie Quote the experience is simple, and our products connect with you. Every release brings us closer to that end goal.

Get life insurance.
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Get living.

Only Sanlam Indie gives you an investment that creates wealth while you insure yourself.

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