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Why we're boosting your Wealth Bonus on Black Friday

We automatically match up to 100% of your premium and invest it for you. Join between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we’ll boost your Wealth Bonus by up to R5000.

Black Friday looms, and no amount of saving and mental preparation will ready you for the oncoming storm. On the 29 November 2019, s**t’s getting crazy.

The sheer number of deals, sales, specials and limited-time-only offers will dazzle you into buying more novelty socks than you could possibly ever fit onto your feet. The Saturday after will leave you deep in the throes of Buyer’s Remorse, nursing a bowl of 2-Minute noodles and an empty bank account. “I had plans,” you’ll think. “I was only going for the washing machine, how did I end up with all these socks and an Xbox?”

If it makes you feel better, know that stronger men and women have fallen for the wicked tempter that is Black Friday. It’s engineered to make you feel like you’re saving money even as you spend your last cents. It wraps up unwanted items in “must-have” packaging. It fuels your panic with time pressures and hype, which lead you to bad purchasing decisions. And then, just to kick you when you’re down, almost everything you buy can be classed as a bad asset (that’s something that decreases in value over time or costs money to upkeep).

And naturally, as you keep compulsively clicking “Add to Cart”, you know you shouldn’t. You know your money should be going into good assets that increase in value or make you wealthier. You know that saving your money is ultimately the best choice you can make.

And yet… You do it anyway. It’s kind of thrilling, and fun. It’s Treat Yo’ Self 2019 after all.

So actually, we’re not here to tell you what to do with your money. What we are here to do is offer you a chance to make back some of what you spent on Black Friday deals with the Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus. And up to R5000 extra between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

With Sanlam Indie, it usually works like this: you buy a Sanlam Indie policy (Life Cover, Dread Cover, Funeral Cover, etc.) and we match up to 100% of what you pay into a growing Wealth Bonus for you. We’re basically giving you a good asset, at no extra cost, for covering your own butt.

But here’s the kicker – if you sign up with us between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ll match up to R5000 extra into your growing Wealth Bonus.

So, say you’re 29 years old and you take out a policy with us for R500. We'll match 100% (that’s R500) of your premium into your Wealth Bonus every time you pay, and when you reach 70, that amount will be R3.9 million. The best part? That’s how we always roll at Sanlam Indie.

But, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you get an additional boost of up to R5000 on top of the monthly amount that we match. That means you'll basically make the money you spent back, even if that half-price Xbox ends up on the trash heap. So you're putting away money for your future and enjoying the fun "bad asset" here, right now. And by the time you hit 70, that extra R5k upfront would mean your cash out would be R4,039 million.

With Sanlam Indie, you’ve got Black Friday beat.
Future you is going to be so proud!

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