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Who Can Help Me Invest?

So you’re ready to start investing! But what if you need some help?

Whether you go it alone or ask a professional, it’s useful to know what your options are.

Going solo

Investing by yourself isn’t as impossible as it used to be. There are online platforms that enable you to start investing with small amounts of money and effort. If you’d prefer to have a direct line to your investments, this can be a great way to do it. Just make sure you do your own research outside of the platform.


Banks aren’t just for keeping your money in one place anymore! Well, to be fair, they’ve always offered more than a fancy mattress to put your money under, but if you’re new to investing then you might not have been aware of that. Different account types offer different levels of investment risk. Be sure to compare across different companies and get all the facts before you buy (preferably from someone that doesn’t work there).

Financial Advisors

If you’ve read just about any of our content, you’ll have come across the term “financial advisor”. These guys could be anything from independent freelancers or fully employed by big companies. These wonderful, registered representatives can help you figure out all your finances, beyond just investing. They’re a good place to start on the path to financial freedom.

Asset Managers 

This is where we start getting investment-specific. Asset managers deal with groups of investments, and set you up with the perfect mix of assets to maximise your returns. They do massive amounts of research in order to make informed decisions about whether your money should go into things like shares, bonds, property or a combination. 

Still not sure where to start? Get in touch and we’ll set you up with the sweetest financial advisors you’ll ever meet! 💙

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