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How to Show Your Love on a Budget

Everyone loves a little bit of lovin’, but not everyone likes spending large amounts of money on cheesy stuffed animals or plastic-wrapped candy hearts that will inevitably end up glued to some poor ocean animal.

We already express our love in so many different ways every day, from saying “text me when you get home” at the end of a night, bringing someone a cup of tea in bed or making sure the kids are ready to go without being asked (only a few examples of the millions of different ways we say we care). So it makes sense that there would be a few more ways to show your appreciation other than flowers and chocolates.

Let’s get into it. Here are some of our favourite ways to show your love, on a budget.

1. Make it yourself. 

If you’ve got a talent, use it. Serenade them with handwritten songs, cook the best meal they’ve ever had, sew a garment tailored just for them. If you can do it, do it. A homemade gift is often more meaningful (and way cheaper) than an expensive red something made in a factory.

2. Experience something new. 

This doesn’t mean an all-expenses-paid trip to a remote island, maybe just something new that you could try together. Try a walk along a new route, go for a drive to somewhere you’ve never been, get a little creative in the… kitchen. 😉

3. Lift the invisible labour. 

This is the work your partner does to make your life great, that you might not even be aware of. Think noticing that you need to stock up on toilet paper and getting it, organising babysitters because you know there’s an event coming up, meal planning for the week, emailing landlords, following up on paperwork, doing the washing up, etc. It’s all the things they do without being asked, that would make a difference in your quality of life if it wasn’t getting done. If you’re not sure what to do, ask!

4. Do all their favourite things.

Not everyone wants a big to-do. Sometimes we just need a break to spend some time doing the things we like with the person we love. To show someone you care, set aside a day where it’s about exactly that. Stock up on snacks and spend hours watching all their favourite shows. Wear the outfit they love to see you in. Order their favourite junk food. Make it all about them.

5. Get talking. 

This one is harder than it seems. It involves being totally honest with each other. Create a safe space where you can talk about anything that you’ve been wanting to get off your chest. Make plans for the future and talk about what you both need to do to implement those plans. Set some goals, meet with a financial advisor together, or make some hard (or easy decisions). If this is the person you’re committed to, give them the gift of certainty and security. 

But look, with all these suggestions, we’re not saying don’t get the flowers and chocolate. It’s important to be honest with your significant other, so talk to them and find out what their expectations are. If you’re both happy to save, then pick one of the handy tips above! If not, then treat yourselves to something sweet and shiny without guilt. 

Whatever you choose, enjoy yourself! 💙

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