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How to Live Like a Tourist on a Local’s Salary

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with (except that, in this case, we’re referring to the place you live).

We’ve all seen them. The insta accounts with the boys and girls who seem to travel for a living. They jet all over the world, see beautiful sights, sip beautiful drinks and fraternise with beautiful people. They’re definitely not stuck in a 9 to 5 job, and we’re not even sure they ever need to use the bathroom. Bathrooms are for selfies only. They’re too perfect.

Anyway, those gorgeous glowy people are full of it. They exist to make you feel inadequate at worst, and mildly inspired at best. They’re part of the very few in the world that are either being genuinely paid to flit all over the world, or daddy’s covering the expenses. Don’t compare your life to theirs, it’s a recipe for poor mental health.

You live in one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, and from one corner to the next you can encounter wetlands, rainforests, veldts, fynbos, deserts and coasts. Those insta thotties want to come here, so why would you want to go anywhere else?

Instead, beat them at their own game and use what’s already available to you. Your own hometown. We’ve got some tips on how to make your local’s salary stretch like a tourist’s, all you need now is an Instagram husband (or wife) that knows your best angle. Let’s go:

  1. Feed your APPetite. Okay, even we’re a little bit sick at that pun. Sorry. Moving on! Have a browse through your resident app store, and you’ll find loads of handy little programs that will let you sample the best cuisine your city has to offer, at hugely discounted rates. If you’re paying full price for a meal, you’re doing it wrong. 2 for 1 or nothing, baby.

  2. Take a walk. Make the effort to start walking through your city more. You’ll start noticing some great photo ops that you’d otherwise not have seen. Get a walking buddy and walk through a new neighbourhood each weekend, or get lost on purpose on your way to work. Maybe do some research and find one of those free walking tours. As long as you’re seeing something you haven’t seen before, you’re winning.

  3. Don’t get trapped. Even as a real tourist, this is a good tip: Stay away from the tourist traps. Especially if your goal is to shop. You’ll recognise these spaces by the overpriced bric-a-brac. You’ve got the benefit of being a local, so you know you can find that carved wooden giraffe somewhere else for at least R100 less. If those items are expensive, chances are everything else will be. Rather shop online, or further away from the main hubs.

  4. Google it. Since you’ll be here all year ‘round, you get to visit the tourist attractions when the season dies down. Some basic internet searching will probably yield discount deals for locals during this off-peak time, and the sights are no less beautiful if you have to wear a scarf while looking at them.

The goal here is to find adventure in a place you’re already familiar with. The suggestions above will definitely save you money, but the more happiness you can grow in your hometown, the less you’ll measure yourself by the supposedly perfect lives that others lead online.

Just remember, you’ll always be an influencer, of your mom’s heart 💙. Learn more about finances here 👇🏾!

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