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How can I find out if I’m the beneficiary of a Sanlam Indie policy?

We can’t tell you if you’re the beneficiary on a policy of a living Sanlam Indie client. If someone close to you has died and you want to find out whether you have any insurance payouts due to you, your best bet is to contact various insurers, including Sanlam Indie, with your details and those of your departed loved one, and just ask.

Once someone has submitted a claim with all the appropriate documentation, and the claim has been validated, we will pay out to the beneficiary listed for the policy.

If you do receive a life insurance payout from us, consider speaking to a financial advisor and taking stock of your finances generally before you decide how to spend the money.

Sanlam has some good online resources for figuring out how to deal with all the admin after someone’s death.

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