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How do I claim?

We're in the business of paying out valid claims. 

Our claims process goes like this: 

  1. You need to claim .
  2. If the claim is for funeral cover, check the Claims page for a list of documents you need to gather and downloadable forms you will need to complete. Then email these to
  3. If the claim is for any other product,  You send an email to with some information about the claim and the details of the life insured. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a list of required documents and nexts steps.
  4. You send us the documents we asked for.
  5. Our claims assessors assess your claim. They may ask you for some more documents.
  6. If your claim is approved, we pay out.

What sorts of documents could Sanlam Indie ask me for?

These will be different for each type of claim, but usually, it'll be things like verified bank details, ID documents, medical records, specialist's reports, proof of income, and police investigation reports (in the case of accidents).

Visit Sanlam Indie Claims for more information.

When will I get the money from my claim?

We aim to pay out funeral insurance within 48 hours of receiving all your documents, but in some cases, we might pay out in as little as 4 hours if you catch us during business hours and there’s nothing suspicious about the documents you’ve provided.

Payouts for other products can take longer - usually 2-3 weeks or more, depending on whether we feel we need to investigate. So just keep that in mind: the cash won’t arrive instantly.

What happens on each product when I die, since they are stand-alone products?

If you die:

Products that pay out if you become disabled (Income Protection and Disability Cover) and if you get sick (Critical Illness Cover) will fall away and won’t pay out to anyone. The products that pay out if you die (Funeral, Life Cover, or Death Income Protection) will pay out to your beneficiaries. So if you have all 3 products, all 3 will pay out.

Then, we’ll waive premiums on your Family Funeral Cover for 6 months. So your family will continue to be protected, for free, for 6 months after you die. This is to give family members time to take out another policy if they want to, so there’s no break in cover.

If you claim for Income Protection or Critical Illness Cover: 

We pay out to you and continue to collect a premium for all your products, including your Critical illness product, unless you tell us you want to change your policy. So if you got cancer and claimed, you could still keep your Critical Illness Cover in case you get a different serious illness later.

It’s different for Income Protection. We won’t collect the portion of your premium that pays for Income Protection while we’re paying your Income Protection claim.

All payouts are tax free.

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