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How do I claim?

We're in the business of paying out valid claims. 

Our claims process goes like this: 

  1. You need to claim (we're really sorry for your loss)
  2. You send an email to with some info about the claim and the details of the life insured
  3. We'll send you a list of requirements (things we need from you in order to assess your claim)
  4. You send us the documents we asked for (much obliged)
  5. Our claims assessors assess your claim (they may ask you for some more docs)
  6. When your claim is approved, we pay out

What sorts of documents could Sanlam Indie ask me for?

These will be different for each type of claim, but usually, it'll be things like verified bank details, ID documents, medical records, specialist's reports, proof of income, and police investigation reports (in the case of accidents).

Visit Sanlam Indie Claims for more information.

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