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How do referrals work?

If you’re a Sanlam Indie policyholder, you can earn up to R1,000 toward your Wealth Bonus by letting others know about our great products and service. What's more, the person you referred will earn the exact same amount - so you both get rewarded.

  • If their monthly premium is below R200, you earn R500 toward your Wealth Bonus, and so do they.

  • If their monthly premium is R200 or more, you earn R1,000 toward your Wealth Bonus, and so do they.

To spread the word, simply share your Sanlam Indie referral link with whomever you like. We give you this link when you sign up with us (if you didn’t get it, contact us to find out what it is). Whenever your friends sign up with your link, we’ll let you know.

When do I get the cash?

Your referral reward will be added to your Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus as soon as your friend signs up and will track the market along with the rest of your Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus. Once the person you referred has paid the equivalent amount in premiums, the referral reward (and interest!) will unlock for you to withdraw. Please contact us if you would like to withdraw your referral reward.

Still not clear? Here’s an example:

Let’s say you send your referral link to 3 of your friends and all 3 of them sign up. In this case, all of them have a premium that's less than R200 per month, so you earn R500 towards your Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus per friend (that's an extra R1,500 toward your Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus). Plus, each referral gets an extra R500 toward his or her individual Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus benefit.

If each of your friends have a R100 monthly premium, and they don't skip any payments, after 5 months you'll be able to withdraw R1,500 plus interest. (Or leave it tracking the market to grow with even more interest... and withdraw it any time you like.)

The rules:

  • You can only earn one Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus referral award (of up to R1,000) per person you refer. We’ll be checking referee ID numbers.

  • Referrals are only paid if someone takes up a Sanlam Indie policy via your unique link.

  • If someone is already a Sanlam Indie policyholder they cannot be referred.

  • You have to be a premium-paying client at the date we receive your referee's full payment to get your referral reward

  • There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer.

  • The referral amount gets unlocked when we've received the equivalent amount's worth of premiums from your friend. 

  • Your friend’s referral reward will be unlocked along with the 10% that unlocks after they’ve paid 60 premiums.

  • You are not permitted to sell, provide advice or render intermediary services as defined under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (FAIS Act).

  • The Sanlam Indie Wealth Bonus Referral Reward system is a limited offer and can be discontinued at any stage.

  • Referral rewards allocated to specific clients will be reversed if it is found that they have abused the referral reward system. Examples of abuse include, but are not limited to, signing up on behalf of others, referring clients who never pay premiums, or referring existing policyholders.

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