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How do referrals work?

If you’re a Sanlam Indie policyholder, you can earn up to R1,000 toward your Wealth Bonus by letting others know about the awesomeness that you’ve discovered with us. What's more, the person you referred will earn the exact same amount - so you both get rewarded.

To spread the word, simply share your Sanlam Indie Share link with whomever you choose by email or text. We give you this link when you sign up with us (just check your email). Whenever your friends sign up with your link, we’ll let you know.

When do I get the cash?

Your referral reward will be added to your Wealth Bonus as soon as your friend signs up and will grow with compound interest along with the rest of you Wealth Bonus. Once the person you referred has paid the equivalent amount in premiums, the referral reward (and interest!) will be unlocked for you to withdraw, even if it’s before your next CashDrop milestone. 🎉

Still not clear? Here’s an example:

Let’s say you send your Sanlam Indie Share link to 3 of your friends and all 3 of them sign up. In this case, all of them have a premium that's less than R200 p/m, so you earn R500 towards your Wealth Bonus per friend (that's an extra R1,500 added into your Wealth Bonus). Plus, they each get an extra R500 added to their individual Wealth Bonus accounts.

If each of your friends have a R100 p/m premium, and they don't skip any payments, after 5 months you'll be able to withdraw R1,500 plus interest. (Or leave it in the account to grow with even more interest... and withdraw it any time you like.)

The rules:

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