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What impact does a positive HIV status have on my application?

At this stage, we cannot offer comprehensive life insurance cover to people who are HIV positive 😞, which is why we need to know your status. We’re working on a solution where we can cover HIV positive lives 💪🏾.

In the meantime, Sanlam covers HIV positive people. Contact them on 0860 22 33 90 or email

That said, we don’t need to know any of your medical information to offer you funeral cover.

Will I have to get tested for HIV?

Maybe. We don't do an HIV test for everyone, but you may be randomly selected for one. If you are, we will try and make it as schlepp free as possible. Also, we cover the cost of testing in full.

Our service provider Nurses on Wheels will be in touch if you're selected for a test.

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