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Does Sanlam Indie insure people with existing conditions?

Of course! But exactly what we cover will depend on the nature of your condition or disability.

What exclusions are applied?

The best way to find out what exclusions would be applied in your case is to complete our online quote process and download your sample policy from the quote screen. The sample document will include a section called "Benefit-specific exclusions" for each type of cover you’ve added, which you can check to see what we won’t pay out for. 

For underwritten life insurance, like most insurers, Sanlam Indie might include exclusions in your policy based on your medical history. So if you’ve spent significant time in hospital for something related to your condition, there might be limits on the types of things we'll cover. But you won’t need to give us details other than your answers to the questions in our online quote process – which you’ll need to answer honestly. These will include questions about any hospital stays, specialist consultations, or medication.

Bit vague? Let’s look at an example… 

Say you injured your spine in a motorbike accident 10 years ago, and you’re now in a wheelchair. You’ll disclose this by selecting the checkbox when asked. We’ll ask follow-up questions about your injury and might not offer you cover for injuries to your spine. 

Now let’s say you had another accident (eish!) and hurt your spine again – badly enough that you were in hospital for 4 months and couldn’t earn an income in that time. We wouldn’t pay out your Income Protection benefit for this, because injuries to your spine were excluded when you took out the policy. But if you injured something else, like your hands, we would absolutely pay out (after the usual 21-day waiting period). We’d also pay out if there was some other issue with your spine, like if you needed to have a tumour removed (assuming you had our Critical Illness product).

It’s a different story for Funeral Cover. We don’t need to know any details about any medical conditions, disabilities or medical history to offer you a funeral policy – just remember that a 6-month waiting period will apply for all natural deaths.

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