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If I change my occupation, will it affect my cover?

You do not need to notify us if your occupation changes. However, a change in job might lower your premiums (just like any other change, like getting married, etc), so what you can do in that case is to contact us to see whether your new occupation decreases your premiums. If it turns out your premiums would increase, we’ll all just pretend we didn’t see that 🤫.  

A change in occupation won’t affect your payout for Funeral, Death Income Protection, Life Cover, or Critical Illness Cover. But your payout might be affected if you claim for Disability Cover or Income Protection.

That’s because any claim tied to disability will be denied if you’ve switched to one of these jobs:

That means if you at some point switch to one of these occupations, you’re better off cancelling your Disability Cover or Income Protection rather than paying the premiums only to be denied at claims stage. 

If you’ve switched to a new job that is not on this list, you will still be covered and the payout amount will not be affected. However, we will consider the disability claim according to your ability to do your current job. For example, if you’ve switched from being an accountant to being a tour guide and you lose a leg, we will pay out your disability claim even though you could perhaps still do the original occupation that you had when you took out the policy.

We also won’t pay a disability claim if it directly or indirectly resulted from:

📝NOTE: The cover or payout for Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Death Income Protection, or Funeral isn’t affected in any way by a change of occupation.

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