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I’m transgender, does that affect my premium?

To calculate your premium, we have to ask whether you’re male or female because we need this information to calculate risk. Men 🧔🏽 are considered higher risk for some benefits (for example, death benefits) which means that their premiums for those benefits are higher (sorry guys). On the other hand, women 👩🏽 are considered higher risk for critical illness or income protection benefits 🤷🏾.

When we ask for your gender in our quote process, we’re asking for the gender that the South African Department of Home Affairs has assigned to you (if you haven’t officially changed it, that’ll be your state-assigned sex at birth). If your answer is different from the gender specified in your ID number, the first quote you got from us won’t be accurate, because we have to double check it against your ID number before we send you your final quote.

The good news is, South Africa has pretty progressive laws about this stuff (by global standards anyway). You can change your gender with the Department of Home Affairs if you have had surgery and/or are currently on Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment, in which case you’ll get a new ID number. Once you’ve done that, you can let us know and we’ll adjust your premiums. 🏳️‍🌈

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