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What is underwriting?

Underwriting ✏️ is a process which insurers use to figure out how healthy people are before they buy insurance. Underwriting is done to determine one of 3 outcomes.  

Either we’re comfortable with your health 👍🏽 and you’ll get the lowest premiums possible 🏅. 

If there are some things that might make you an increased risk, for example, if you’re already suffering from a serious illness 😷, then we may apply a loading to the premium, or exclude certain things, meaning you can’t claim for something you already have. 

In extreme cases, we may not even be able to insure certain people 👽.  For example, someone with a terminal disease 😔 would usually not be able to buy insurance because they are certain to claim very soon, meaning that the premium would have to be VERY high.

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