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What are the cover limits?

We use your current salary to work out the cover and premium that we quote you for all our products (except Funeral Cover). You can raise the cover amount if you like, but we’ll cap the payout based on your income. (So no, you can’t use your insurance to get a pay raise 🙃.)

We also limit the amount of cover that we offer through our online process. If you need more, you’re welcome to chat to us. 

These limits are:

📝NOTE: There are also maximum limits per type of product (death benefit, disability benefit, or dread disease cover). So, if you get R10 million Life Cover, you won’t be able to get Death Income Protection because you would have used up your maximum amount for death benefits.

By how much can I increase my cover?

We’ll offer you a cover increase in line with inflation every year, but since your salary may increase over and above this as your career progresses, you can choose to increase the cover whenever you like. We’ll let you increase your cover by 10% a year no questions asked, but any more than that and we’ll ask you for proof that your fortunes have changed (like a copy of the payslip or bank statement that shows your awesome new salary).

What are the Funeral Cover limits?

We won’t offer Funeral Cover to anyone above the following limits:

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