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What affects my premium?

As you work your way through our online quote process, your answers to our questions will affect the monthly premiums for the sample policy we offer you. For example, it just so happens that whether you’re married or not points to your general health and life expectancy.

It might feel like we’re asking a lot of questions, but our online process is actually pretty state-of-the-art 😎. We’ve distilled what is usually a long, paperwork-heavy procedure into a super streamlined online process that should take you less than 10 minutes to complete.

We’ll ask standard stuff that any insurer would ask (like gender, salary, age, occupation, and medical history) but we’ve also thrown in a few unique questions of our own (like whether you regularly ride a motorbike). 

Then we take this picture of your life that your information gives us, compare it to the data (Sanlam is over 100 years old, so we’ve got a LOT of data to play with) and work out your premiums based on how much risk we take in insuring you. In the insurance industry we call this underwriting.

It’s important that you’re honest when you complete the online process. When it comes time to claim, we’ll investigate to check that the information you gave us at the time you took out the policy was true. We have to do this to avoid fraud – if we paid out without investigating, scammers and fraudsters would take advantage of us and we’d have to raise everyone’s premiums to unaffordable levels, just to stay in business.

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