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What’s inside my policy documents?

When you become a Sanlam Indie client, we’ll send you an email or SMS with a bunch of important information about your contract.

We REALLY recommend you read through your policy documents. Knowledge is power! ✊🏽

Your policy docs include:

1. Policy Overview 

This is an overview of your policy with Sanlam Indie - it has all the important information about your policy.

2. Benefit Overview 

Here we explain each benefit (product) of your policy, including features, when & how we pay claims, rules specific to that benefit, etc.

3. Your Information

This part is about you. It’s a record of the information you gave us about yourself. Please let us know immediately if anything on here is not correct at this stage.

4. Contract Rules & Terms

All contracts need rules; here’s where you’ll find them.

5. Important Information

This is a summary of important information that we’ve pulled together into one place for you to access quickly.

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