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When will my cover start?

You are covered from the moment you accept the policy - even before your first payment.

When will the first payment go off my account?

You can choose the payment date to either be at the beginning, middle, or end of the month. Depending on your choice, the first payment date will be the next time that rolls round.

For example, say you sign-up on 3 January and choose your payment date to be at the beginning of every month. Your bank account will only be debited with your first premium payment on 1 February, but you'll be covered from 3 January onwards. 🙌

How does the free cover work if I delay my policy start date?

This offer only applies if your first payment day is within 30 days of you accepting the policy. If you choose to delay your cover start date, this offer falls away and we'll only cover you from the day your first premium is paid.

Also, if we don’t successfully collect the first premium on the day you chose (for example, if you have insufficient funds in your bank account), then we’ll stop giving you cover. Once you’ve paid a premium, we’ll cover you again. 👍

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