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Why can I only get accidental cover?

Your Sanlam Indie policy will either give you full cover (where you’re covered for any kind of claim, including accidental events) or accidental cover (where you can only claim for accidental events) per benefit.

You ️need to know which kind you have, and why, because otherwise you might think that you’re covered for all eventualities and then find out at claims stage that you aren’t.

Full cover is also called “underwritten cover” or “comprehensive cover”. This kind of cover is more expensive and more comprehensive (in other words, it covers more possible situations). For example, if you have full cover for Sanlam Indie's Life Cover, it means your beneficiaries can claim whether your death was caused by an illness (like cancer), a medical condition or event (like a heart attack or stroke ), or some kind of physical accident (like drowning or a car crash). In other words, full cover includes accidental cover as well.

On the other hand, accidental cover (also called “non-natural cover”) doesn’t pay out for illness or medical conditions. Instead, it only pays out if you have an accident, and suffer an injury or die from it. For example, falling down the stairs or getting shot would count as accidents.

In some cases, we can only offer accidental cover for certain Sanlam Indie products because it would be too risky for us to give you full cover.

When you answer the questions in our quote process, our underwriting system will flag certain answers and we’ll only offer you accidental cover at first for some products. Then you can contact us to discuss how we could upgrade you to full cover, if possible. In the meantime, we’ll offer you the cheaper accidental cover only, and match this lower premium in a growing Wealth Bonus for you.

Can I choose to get accidental cover instead of full cover?

Nope. We don’t offer a standalone accidental cover benefit. We also don’t let you choose to get a version of any product that just covers accidents.

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