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Can I claim for something that happens outside South Africa?

Am I covered outside of South Africa?

As long as you don’t claim for something that happens in any of the excluded countries, then we’ll cover you, the policyholder, outside of South Africa 🌍.

But we might ask for additional supporting documentation. For example, we might need a certified English translation of your death certificate (for a death benefit claim), or proof from a South African specialist that you are genuinely unable to work (for a disability benefit claim). We might need other stuff depending on the circumstances.

Are my family members covered outside of South Africa?

That depends on their nationalities. On Family Funeral Cover, there are some rules for additional lives:

Can I live and work overseas?

If you have underwritten insurance, yes. You can live and work wherever you like (except for, you guessed it, the excluded countries). For Funeral Cover, you need to live permanently in South Africa.

I still have questions...

If your situation is a bit complicated or you have any questions, email us at or click the Need help? button on the website to chat to our customer support. We’ll take a closer look at your situation 🤓to see if we can help.

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