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How does changing my cover affect my existing cover?

If your needs change, you can review your cover and make changes to your policy whenever you like. By default, we automatically rerate your policy every January. You can also choose to keep your cover level by request.

Please contact us to make any changes to your existing cover.

Decreasing cover

You can decrease your cover for any products any time, effective immediately. This will decrease your premium. (Remember, you can also skip premiums if money is tight.)

Increasing cover

You can increase your cover at any point with no questions asked up to 10% a year IF you answered all the underwriting questions in the previous 2 years. After that, we might ask for additional information – for example, we might ask for proof of increased salary if you want to increase your Income Protection or we might need you to complete the underwriting questions again. Increasing cover will, of course, increase your premiums.

Adding new products 

You can add different types of cover at any time. We might ask you to answer the underwriting questions again or for supporting documents. If you add cover, or add new types of cover, that will also increase your premiums.

📝NOTE: If you do have to answer underwriting questions, what you tell us will only affect the additional cover that you are buying and not the cover you already had with us. For example, if you want to double your Critical Illness Cover after 3 years and you inform us that you’ve caught a serious disease in that time, it won’t affect your existing cover (only the extra cover that you are adding).

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