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What happens to my funeral cover for family members if I die?

So, let’s say you’ve taken out funeral insurance (or life insurance) on your own life, and have also taken out a Sanlam Indie Funeral Cover plan to insure against a death in the family 👪. So far, so good. But what happens to your Funeral policy if you die 👻?

In that case, we won’t allow anyone else to take over your policy – someone else will have to take out a new policy in their name and add your family members to their own policy. There’d be the usual limitations on claims if someone died.

But we totally get that you don’t want your family to be unprotected for long, so that’s why we’ll continue to cover the lives on your Funeral policy for 6 months after you die, at no extra cost (nobody will need to take over the premium payments). That’ll give your family time to make other funeral policy arrangements.

After 6 months, we’ll cancel your Funeral policy and we won’t pay out if anyone dies.

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