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What is digital insurance?

Insurance is there to pay someone when something happens. That “something” can be a family member’s death, losing your ability to work and earn an income, going to hospital, or something you own being stolen or lost. This payout gives you a safety net to help protect you from financial harm.

At Sanlam Indie, we do business a little differently to traditional insurers (like our parent company, Sanlam). 

No paperwork

We aim to do everything online (or over the phone) – that means no printed paperwork for applications or claims, and no postal address.

Instead, your journey with us will look like this:

1. Apply for your policy online in less than 10 minutes.

2. Download your quote instantly, or access your quote later to make changes or accept it (we’ll send you a magic link).

3. Accept your quote and finalise the process online.

4. We’ll email you a digital copy of your policy schedule and payment confirmation.

5. To claim, simply visit our claims page to download the forms and documents you need, and email these back to us.

Instant support 

Have a question or query about your policy? Get instant support, when you need it.

We don’t have an inbound call centre, but if you want to speak directly to someone, you can request a callback and we’ll call you ASAP.

If you prefer to find the answers yourself, browse our Help Centre for information about Sanlam Indie, our benefits, or how your policy works. You can also check out our Learn page for courses on financial topics.

Understanding types of insurance

General insurers, sometimes called property and casualty insurers, are the guys who insure your stuff: your car, house, jewellery, etc.

Health insurers, also called medical aid, will pay your hospital or other medical bills, usually with a hefty waiting period for certain types of claims.

Life insurers insure you against big life events like death, disability or serious illness. We usually exclude conditions that you already have when you start a policy, which is why it’s a good idea to get insurance when you’re young and healthy. Some types of life insurance pay out to you if you make a claim, like Income Protection

Death benefits pay out to your loved ones after you die – either as a once-off lump sum, or as a monthly income. Death benefits can either be underwritten (Life Cover) or not (Funeral Cover). The biggest difference between underwritten and funeral cover is underwritten insurance takes your medical history into account. Underwritten insurance usually pays out much more than Funeral Cover.

Want to know more?

Take a look at this more in-depth series about insurance to learn more about insurance and how it works.

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