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How do I compare policies?

You’re likely to keep your life insurance policy for a while 👨🏾‍👵🏽, so you should definitely shop around before you take out a policy.

It’s sometimes difficult to compare policies because they can be complicated 😕. But here are some differences to look out for when you’re shopping for the best deal:

1. Compare the monthly premiums
it’s an obvious place to start, but the monthly premiums 💵 for a policy are just one thing to compare across insurers. If your Sanlam Indie quote is more expensive than your current policy, there might be a few reasons.

2. Look at the premium patterns over time
Sanlam Indie policies will automatically increase in premium every year. Another insurer might offer you premiums which are low now, but which increase at a higher rate as time goes by 📈. Your best bet is to compare premium patterns that increase at roughly similar rates. Sanlam Indie’s premium pattern is unique, but it’s closest to an “Age-Rated pattern” from other insurers.

3. Consider the rating factors
We use a LOT of information to determine premiums – more than the average insurer out there – so our clients get the right premium for their individual situation 👌🏿. But where one client might get a cheaper deal with us, another might get a more expensive quote because we’re factoring in something the other insurer hasn’t. For example, motorbike drivers 🏍 and non-married lives pay more for Death benefits with us than with some of our competitors.

4. Compare the benefits for each policy

Death benefits 👻 are usually pretty similar across insurers, but with other benefits, there are a few things that might cause premiums to vary. It can get a bit complicated, but here are some things that might affect your premiums:

Income protection

Lump sum Disability

Critical Illness

5. Check whether there are any loyalty benefits, wellness programmes, or other extras

We also give you Wealth Bonus, a free investment account that comes with every policy 🎉. So if you get Sanlam Indie early enough, you can expect a hefty portion of your premiums back when you turn 70.

Curious to see what your cover would be with Sanlam Indie? Get a free quote in under 10 minutes with our spam-free, no-commitments, no-money-down online process here.

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