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If something I told you when I bought changes, later on, do I need to tell Sanlam Indie?

It depends on what changes.

What happens if my personal details change?

You need to tell us if your contact information or other personal details change at any point. You can check your Dashboard to see what we have on file.

What happens if I change my job?

If you switch jobs to one of our excluded occupations, you’ll need to tell us about it. It would mean we couldn’t offer you certain types of cover.

What happens if my health changes?

There's no need to tell us if your health has deteriorated. We won’t increase your premiums or take away your benefits if you get less healthy after you have bought cover from us. However, if you want to buy more cover from us at a later stage, we may need to ask you about your health then - and what you tell us there would determine the cost of your additional cover.

What happens if my lifestyle changes?

For your rating factors (like marital or smoking status, among others), you don't need to tell us if something changes. If you had never smoked when you took out a policy and, a few months in, start to smoke a pack a day, that won't affect your existing cover. 🚬

Some changes might lower your premium. For example, if you were a smoker who managed to kick the habit 🙌🏽, then you can tell us about that and we'll see if we can give you a better rate.

Any time you buy more stuff from us, we'll check your details at that stage, and if things have changed we'll use the latest info to figure out the price you'll pay for that product.

The same principle applies to extra cover you may buy on a product you already have. If you increase your cover by more than 10%, we’ll ask you questions about your health again to see what your new rates should be. But then any new rates will only apply to the extra “layer” of cover you add.

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